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Note: 2014 Fire and Police Promotional eligible lists are continuously being updated. Please check periodically.

Eligible List Name(html)Last Update
2014 Fire Chief Series Eligible Lists.htm12/1/2014
2014 Fire Promotional Eligible Lists.htm11/6/2014
2014 Police Chief Series Eligible Lists.htm8/29/2014
2014 Police Promotional Eligible Lists.htm3/6/2015
2015 Police Promotional Series Eligible Lists.htm3/16/2015
Correction Officer Chef.htm1/15/2015
Correction Officer Head Cook 090214.htm9/15/2014
Correction Officer III 2011.htm10/19/2012
Correctional Program Officer AB.htm2/4/2015
Correctional Program Officer C.htm3/10/2015
Correctional Program Officer D.htm3/10/2015
Environmental Police Officer C 072613.htm9/11/2013
Environmental Police Officer D 072613.htm7/31/2013
Firefighter Reemployment List.htm12/8/2014
Parole Officer C Field 090214.htm9/2/2014
Parole Officer C Institution (OPEN) 090214.htm9/3/2014
Parole Officer C Institution 090214.htm9/3/2014
Parole Officer D Field 090214.htm9/2/2014
Parole Officer D Institution 090214.htm9/3/2014
Police Officer Reemployment.htm10/25/2013

Eligible List Name(pdf)Last Update
Abington Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Agawam Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Amesbury Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Andover Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Andover Police Sergeant 040713REV.pdf7/22/2013
Arlington Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/30/2013
Arlington Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Ashland Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Attleboro Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Bellingham Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Belmont Fire Captain 072413.pdf7/25/2013
Belmont Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf7/25/2013
Belmont Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Beverly Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Beverly Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/30/2013
Beverly Police Sergeant 093013.pdf10/7/2013
Billerica Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Billerica Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/30/2013
Billerica Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/30/2013
Boston Fire Captain 072213.pdf7/22/2013
Boston Fire Lieutenant 072213.pdf7/22/2013
Bourne Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Braintree Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Brockton Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Brockton Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Burlington Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Cambridge Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Chalrton Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Charlton Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Chicopee Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Chicopee Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Clinton Police Lieutenant 111413.pdf11/21/2013
Cohasset Fire Captain 052413.pdf10/28/2013
Dalton Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Danvers Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Danvers Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Danvers Police Lieutenant 081213.pdf8/12/2013
Danvers Police Sergeant 081213.pdf8/12/2013
Dracut Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf6/6/2013
Everett Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Everett Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Fall River Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Fall River Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Falmouth Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Falmouth Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Fitchburg Deputy Police Chief 082913.pdf11/21/2013
Fitchburg Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf6/6/2013
Fitchburg Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Fitchburg Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Foxborough Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Franklin Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf10/22/2014
Greenfield Fire Lieutenant 072413.pdf7/25/2013
Hingham Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Holbrook Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Holyoke Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Holyoke Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Holyoke Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Holyoke Police Captain 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Holyoke Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Holyoke Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Hudson Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Hull Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Ipswich Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Lawrence Police Captain 040713.pdf4/29/2013
Lawrence Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/29/2013
Lawrence Police Sergeant 040713REV.pdf7/22/2013
Lowell Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Lowell Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Lowell Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Lowell Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/29/2013
Ludlow Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Lynnfield Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/29/2013
Malden Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf9/20/2013
Malden Police Captain 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Mansfield Police Lieutenant 131216.pdf12/16/2013
Marblehead Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Marblehead Police Captain 00713.pdf4/17/2013
Marlborough Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Marlborough Deputy Fire Chief 121001.pdf10/10/2012
Marlborough Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Marlborough Police Captain 040713.pdf4/25/2013
Marshfield Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
MBTA Police Lieutenant 081213.pdf8/12/2013
Medford Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Medford Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Melrose Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Melrose Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Melrose Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Methuen Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Millbury Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Milton Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Milton Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Natick Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Natick Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Natick Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Needham Police Lieutenant 082613.pdf8/26/2013
New Bedford District Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Newburyport Fire Lieutenant.pdf2/22/2013
Newton Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
North Andover Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
North Attleboro Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
North Attleboro Police Sergeant 040713.pdf9/16/2013
North Attleborough Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf6/18/2013
North Reading Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
North Reading Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
North Reading Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Northbridge Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Norton Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Norwell Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Pittsfield Fire Captain 072413.pdf7/25/2013
Pittsfield Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Pittsfield Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Pittsfield Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Plainville Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Plymouth Fire Captain 052413.pdf6/19/2013
Plymouth Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Plymouth Police Sergeant 093013.pdf3/7/2014
Quincy Police Captain 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Randolph Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Randolph Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Revere Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Revere Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Rockland Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Saugus Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Saugus Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Saugus Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Saugus Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Scituate Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Scituate Fire Captain 052413.pdf7/11/2013
Scituate Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Scituate Fire Lieutenant052413.pdf9/18/2013
Scituate Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Sharon Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Somerville Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Somerville District Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Somerville Fire Captain 052413.pdf9/18/2013
Somerville Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf6/24/2014
South Hadley Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Southbridge Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Springfield Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/9/2012
Stoneham Police Lieutenant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Stoughton Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Stoughton Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Swampscott Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Taunton Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Taunton Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Tewksbury Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Wakefield Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Wakefield Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Wakefield Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Waltham Deputy Police Chief 082913.pdf11/21/2013
Waltham Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Waltham Police Captain 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Ware Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/4/2012
Ware Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Webster Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
West Springfield Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/4/2012
West Springfield Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Westfield Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Westford Police Captain 040713.pdf4/30/2013
Westford Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Westwood Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/4/2012
Whitman Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Whitman Police Chief 082913.pdf11/21/2013
Wilmington Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/4/2012
Winchester Fire Lieutenant 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Winchester Police Sergeant 040713.pdf4/17/2013
Woburn Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013
Worcester Deputy Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Worcester District Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Worcester Fire Captain 042413.pdf6/4/2013
Worcester Fire Chief 080213.pdf8/6/2013
Wrentham Deputy Fire Chief 120815.pdf10/4/2012
Wrentham Fire Captain 052413.pdf5/31/2013