Police Officer 2017
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Last Update: Jan 23, 2019

Police Officer Eligible List

RankLast NameFirst NameMIPreferenceStatusResidencyEMTLanguage Fluency
1WeddletonRossP 402A Brockton  
2ByrneBrianC 402B Braintree
3GompertsThomasJ 402BCivilian/Non-VeteranBoston
4AntonaNatasha Adams
5BergeronBrianW Adams   
5KlineTaylorA Adams  
7BeckwithJacobV Adams   
7HainesSamantha Adams   
9DziedziakKalvin Adams   
10RosarioMichael Adams Spanish
Disclaimer: The data provided on this page is an effort to share information and does not constitute an official eligible list.

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